Tales and Rumors


In The Jungle

In the jungle, the fearsome jungle, our heroes walk alone
In the jungle, the wild jungle, stands the Netheriz stone

In the village, the wooden village,Lizardfolk prepare for feast
In the village, the savage village, we are food for the beast

A whimew, a wimew, a wimew, a wimew

Olo’s cunning, his awesome cunning, leads the guards away
Quinn’s dagger, his sharp dagger, cuts our cage´s chain

Thornalf’s blade, the mighty blade, hacks n slash and bleeds
Ethan’s bolts, the deadly bolts, fly to his foes and pierce

Harry’s fists, his powerful fists, punches and smashes teeth
The Lizard Shaman, the feral shaman, lies dead and we are free!

A whimew, a wimew, a wimew, a wimew

Famous Quotes

Finder of Trails, Watchful Eye, Wanderer, accept this gift from us, the explorers, the
travelers and the expatriates. This is what your thunder and lightning taught us over our
journeys. This is your way, through the lives of your followers. And as long as there are blank pages and faithful spirits, the rites will continue.

One of the Volamtar.

Tales and Rumors

Terria Risky